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Mountain bike at the cable car of La Grave - La Meije

1800 m of vertical with mineral landscapes, snow early in the season, very technical passages up high and a smoother ride down low, between the moraines at the foot of La Meije and the larch forest, all converging on the bridge over the Romanche River at 1450 m.


The spot is great if you love biking in the mountains, but forget about prepared and groomed trails. Experienced freeride fans will get their fill in this untamed area of natural riding! In summer as in winter you ride at your own responsibility. Every run is a mix of various mountain biking disciplines: all mountain, enduro, downhill and freeride on natural and demanding singletracks, all shaped by local riders! Technically these itineraries are very complete, so you have to master all aspects of mountain biking. When riding, you also have to respect people and animals ( cows, sheep ) who are using these trails too, as you will be sharing the trails. This is a physically demanding area, but if you love mountain trails, you will be at home here !

Five natural tracks starting from the mid-station at 2400 m.
One starting at 3200 with 1800 m of vertical.

At the beginning of the season, the route starting from the top station may be inaccessible due to snow.

This is not a Bike Park, you ride freeride routes that require expert skills and physical endurance.

Map of the mountain bike routes available at the Tourist Information Office in La Grave.


Overtures :

From 04/06 to 18/09 between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm.




La Grave
La Grave


Phone : 04 76 79 94 65

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La Grave la Meije's cable car

Téléphériques des Glaciers de la Meije - © @SATG

La Grave

04 76 79 91 09

04 76 79 94 65

La Grave la Meije's cable car

The cable car takes you up to the Ruillans Pass. At 3211m above sea level, at the Girose Glacier not far from La Meije ! You will be able to contemplate a grandiose panorama and see different peaks from the Vercors range to the Mont Blanc massif.

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