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Wicker weaving in the region of glaciers

Le Gîte du Rocher in La Grave will be your haven for a relaxed and somewhat offbeat stay, thanks to Serge who has made conviviality an art! This is an opportunity to discover the ancestral know-how of wicker weaving.


Whether it's in your plate or over a drink on the terrace, comfort and good humor are everywhere. It feels just like home. The food is tasty and overflowing with love, just like Simon, the chef. Meat for the homemade pot-au-feu comes from La Grave and cuisine also features local lamb and homemade cakes for a royal breakfast. As for the setting, you'll be sharing with the local queen, La Meije.

Try your hand at wicker weaving - from the sprig of wicker to the finished basket. A lovely smell of wood smoke comes from Lucile's workshop-boutique. The basket maker sits in a corner of the room near the soaking wicker strands. For the past 10 years she has been creating objects from the natural fiber. 'We don't need much except water, strong arms, a rag and pruning shears. Our carbon footprint doesn't add up to much'. The wicker boots on display in her workshop come in all sizes and colors depending on the variety of wicker and the crop. Professionally trained, Lucile masters the techniques of traditional items, but also expresses her creativity with more original objects.

It is living know-how and Lucile likes to keep this it alive. She is lulled by the nostalgia of this ancestral art and likes to share the emotional relationship her visitors have for an old basket woven by their grandmother. They want to do the same and that's where the knowledge is passed on, by making a round basket to acquire all the technical basics. The pleasure of weaving wicker, the touch of the wood, the smell and its colors are all yours to enjoy. You won't need much to continue at home: wicker, water, a rag, pruning shears, strong arms and your imagination.

Push open the farm door... Céline and Martin, a young farming couple originally from the area, have taken up the challenge of settling in La Grave. Their priority is to have products that make sense, as the slate at the entrance explains: 'Here you will find quality cheese; cheese that reflects all the love we have for our goats and our profession. The animals are fed on gravelly pastures, local hay and GMO-free cereals...'.
By taking the opposite path to intensive farming and favouring animal welfare, their wager has paid off. Their herd, which is very colourful on account of the variety of breeds, has brought an unexpected gustatory benefit to their cheeses!

Lunch at the summit opposite the glaciers. A tip: arrive on Friday lunchtime for lunch at the summit ...or almost! At an altitude of 3,200 m, at the top of the Meije cable car, the '3200 m cabin' remains faithful to its location thanks to its mountain hut atmosphere. With homemade dishes and pastries, the meal will be just as wonderful as the sumptuous view of the summits. After a delicious tartiflette or pizza, take a short walk in the surrounding area so as not to miss any of the summits named on the orientation table. Under your feet the Girose glacier, in front of you the eternal snows. Soak it all up...

Do you fancy some 'Boiled Bread'? Head for Villar d'Arène... the village oven still gives off the lovely smell of bread baked on a wood fire once a year. It is in this oven that the locals, known as 'Faranchins', made the famous black bread or 'Pain Boulli' ('pô buli' in patois). The inhabitants used to keep it all year round, because wood was scarce and the oven was lit only to make the bread for the year. Bakers and kneaders made a bread with a hard crust, made only from rye flour, a rustic cereal grown on terraces up to 2000 m. This know-how is being perpetuated by local inhabitants, who have revived the ancient tradition...


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Collective lodging Le Rocher

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Collective lodging Le Rocher

Cristina, Simon, Thomas, Serge et Marivy vous accueillent dans leur grand gîte chaleureux et coloré. Un petit déjeuner copieux vous sera proposé ainsi que le dîner dont seul Simon votre super Chef Cuisto en détient les secrets

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Basketwork of La Meije

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Basketwork of La Meije

Wicker Basketry is the art of braiding an irregular vegetable fiber into a regular form. For thousands of years, Man has braided across the world.

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