Paragliding / Canyoning / Rafting

Paragliding above the summits of the Ecrins

Here, at the foot of La Meije and the high mountains, you can really change your point of view : imagine yourself level with the eagles above the highets peaks of the Ecrins Massif. Paragliding you will practically rub shoulders with the queen La Meije (3983 m) and her glaciers, far above the valley.



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Two-seater baptism with Confident'Ciel - Vol à la Meije

Welcome to paragliding instructors guides's school of La Grave.
Professional of mountain and gliding welcome you in the exceptional setting of La Meije and its marvellous glacier. …

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Tandem baptism with Confident'Ciel - Prestige flight

Do you want to discover La Grave in summer or in winter? the Ecrins massif and Oisans from the air? Or treat yourself to your first flight in paragliding in front of the north face of the…

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Two-seater baptism with Confident'Ciel - Grand flight 2 Alpes

Flight over the Vénéon valley. You may also have the chance to admire chamois, eagles, vultures ...

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Baptême biplace - Vol local 2 Alpes - © Mieke

Two-seater baptism with Confident'Ciel - flight 2 Alpes

Try the experience of a flight over the resort of Les 2 Alpes!

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Canyoning with a view of the glaciers of La Meije

The Ga mountain stream offers a complete change of scene and a beautiful ambiance, facing the glaciers. This canyon is a 100 % natural jewel with verticality, steep sides, sculptured rocks, water movement and stunning views. The jumps being optional, it’s an ideal spot for a first approach to canyoning. Please note: you have to know how to swim.

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Family canyoning with Aventure Verticale La Meije

The Gâ Torrent is a 100 % natural jewel with verticality, steep sides, sculptured rocks, water movement and stunning views.

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Canyon du Gâ - © No Limit Rafting

Canyoning with No Limit Rafting

Route de l'Arboretum, La Grave

Canyoning with No Limit Rafting

The Ga is an untouched canyon that offers a complete change of scene and a beautiful ambiance, facing the glaciers.

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Sporty introduction to canyoning with Aventure Verticale La Meije

This sporty introduction to canyoning in the Gâ will give you plenty of thrills and good laughs!

It's a sporty descent during which you will be introduced to rappelling, small and big…

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Rafting in La Grave

The alpine Romanche River has several surprises in store for you as it winds through the calm woodlands at the foot of la Meije. Due to its steepness, the river offers several technical passages and a few rapids that will not fail to please those who love a thrill. Whether rain or shine, jump in your wetsuits !

La Romanche is a beautiful and wild river where you paddle in peace most of the time. Thanks to the glaciers it has a good water supply all summer. Only experienced kayakers should venture into its rapids. It is to technical for beginners, with a strong gradient and fairly shallow waters throughout the descent. On the raft anyone of at least 12 years who can swim is welcome aboard. 

At the rafting base next to the Arboretum of La Grave and by the river, you will find the rafting chalet, a changing tent as well as a barbecue, picnic tables with a playground and a multi-sports and tennis courts right next door.

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Whitewater activities in La Grave - No LImit Rafting

Go rafting on the Romanche, a beautiful wild river at the heart of the Ecrins massif.

NEW : canyoning in the river le Gâ with stunning views of la Meije.

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Paragliding in La Grave

Here is a map of the different regulations of the possible free flights at the heart of the Ecrins National Park.

"At the heart of the Ecrins National Park, a decree is implemented (a decision made by the director on the 19th of May 2013.) These rules were created and established with the contribution of paragliders. It is now, part of a convention between the National Park and the paragliders"

     1. Free flying in the National Park at less than a 1000 meters high is prohibited from the 1st of November to the 30th of June. 

     2. Take-offs from 8 peaks with clear flying itineraries are allowed from the 1st of May until the 30th of June.
e.g. The dome of the Ecrins or the Arsine Glacier peak (the other summits are indicated on the map that you can download below) 

     3. The layout or the simple materialisation of a take off or a landing area in the national park is prohibited.

     4. Flying at less than a 1000 meters alitude aboveThe Lauvitel nature reserve is forbidden. 

A well known paragliding area: 

  • Villar d'Arène : from its hamlet of Les Cours, Pontet Lake and its perfect slopes to learn the art of paragliding.



Download the map here