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A half-day to explore ski touring in the mountains


Come and explore ski touring around La Grave with one of our mountain guides. You will learn about climbing up moderate slopes with your skis in a magnificent setting, and then enjoying skiing down often untracked powder snow. With amazing views of La Meije, the Râteau and further into Les Ecrins, from the Vanoise to Mont Blanc, we will discover the power of our equipment - skis, bindings, boots, skins, and ski crampons - and the art of track setting, uphill efficiency, and kick turns. The uphill gain of our half day will be around 200 to 300 meters. For a first outing, the small villages surrounding La Grave and by the Col du Lautaret provide the perfect terrain to discover this amazing sport. Our guides can't wait to show you this adventure! Outings are scheduled for every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday throughout this holiday vacation.


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Place du Téléphérique
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La Grave
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Phone : 04 76 79 90 21

Phone : 06 71 37 08 55

Mountain Guide Office of La Grave

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La Grave

04 76 79 90 21

06 71 37 08 55

Mountain Guide Office of La Grave

Experienced mountain guides at your service, to help you achieve your dreams of mountains, from the most contemplative to the most sporty ones.

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