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Ski touring starting from Les Hières

Les Hières, one of the pretty villages suspended above La Grave with an uncompromising view over the sparkling Meije, is a wonderful starting point for the entire Goléon sector. And as a cherry on the cereal bar (to change from the cake…), the lovely Goléon mountain hut opens up a host of ski-touring options. The Goléon is a place for happy ski-tourers!



Ski mountaineering and touring involves risks and all skiers are responsible for their own safety. Make sure you follow ANENA guidelines:

> Discovery day route :
- Refuge du Goleon (2500 m) + 700 m
A lovely, easy route for exploring the Goléon valley and lake, but which above all will make you want to stay there and explore other routes further up. You can climb up to the hut either staying in the valley or, depending on snow conditions, via the Cruq des Aiguilles, staying on the northern slopes.

- Cruq des Aiguilles (2589 m) + 1000 m
- Col de la Charrat (2884 m) + 1115 m
- Col du Goléon (2873 m) + 1093 m
- Pointe Salvador (3202 m) +1430 m
- Pic des Trois Evêchés face nord (3118 m) + 1300 m
> From refuge du Goléon (2500 m) :
- Col Lombard (3092 m) +600 m
- Aiguille ouest de la Saussaz (3323 m) + 840 m
- Pointe Salvador (3202 m) +700 m
- Goléon arête ouest (3427 m) +930 m
- Col de la Charrat (2884 m) +400 m
- Col du Goléon (2873 m) + 400 m
- Aiguille est de la Saussaz (3323 m) + 820 m
- Aiguille centrale de la Saussaz (3361 m) + 860 m
- Goléon versant nord (3427 m) +930 m
- Goléon par l’arête sud-ouest (3427 m) +930 m
- Aiguille de l’Argentière (3237 m) +740 m

> Getting supplies: Restaurants and grocer's in La Grave and Le Chazelet
> Accommodation: Gîtes, B&Bs and hotels in La Grave. Gîtes for groups and furnished flats in Les Hières.

Located at an altitude of 1500 m, La Grave, located at the foot of the Meije, has crossed the ages preserving its beauty. The village has justifiably been awarded the much coveted label as one of the 'most beautiful villages in France'. The surrounding scenery is euphoric. You raise your head and a myriad of shining glaciers and jagged peaks reach out to you.
For us ski-tourers, La Grave is a fabulous start point thanks to the Meije cable car that enables you to considerably reduce the walking times to routes each more magical than the last. With many summits of between 3000 and nearly 4000 m, this is of course high-Alpine territory. La Grave is our Chamonix… without the crowds!


Overtures :

Depending on snow conditions.



Ski de randonnée depuis Les Hières - © Colin Samuels

Le Chazelet
05320 La Grave


Phone : 04 76 79 90 21

Goleon Mountain Hut

Le Refuge du Goléon - La Grave - ©

La Grave

06 87 26 46 54

Goleon Mountain Hut

New: opening of the refuge during the winter season (February-March) for ski touring and snowshoeing. Blueberry will be waiting for you
high !

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