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Discovering of basketry

Lucile presents the world of basketry: the tools of the weaver, the material used to know the wicker and the presentation of various techniques of wicker work.


Venez participer à ces initiations !
(Les outils et l'osier sont fournis pour le stage)


Overtures :

From 01/07 to 15/09, daily between 9 am and 12 pm.




Adapted tourism :

Visual disability

Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance

Reception staff sensitized to the reception of people with disabilities


Group size :

up to 10 people

Vannerie de la Meije - © ©VannerieDeLaMeije

Bou Lucile - Vannerie de la Meije

Au Pays de la Meije
05480 Villar-d'Arêne


Phone : 06 24 40 45 94

Basketwork of La Meije

Vannerie de la Meije - La Grave - © ©VannerieDeLaMeije


06 24 40 45 94

Basketwork of La Meije

Wicker Basketry is the art of braiding an irregular vegetable fiber into a regular form. For thousands of years, Man has braided across the world.

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