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Mountain Hut 'de L'Aigle' (FFCAM)

Situated at 3450 m above the Romanche valley, The Refuge de l'Aigle (Eagle refuge) is attached to the Eagle Rock, in one of the most extraordinary sites in Oisans, near the North face of La Meije mountain.


At the heart of the Ecrins National Park, in the municipality of La Grave, at 3450m altitude, 'the Eagle Mountain Hut' is owned for over a century club of legendary shelters.

The Eagle is one of the oldest mountain hut built by the French Federation of Alpine Clubs and Mountain (FFCAM) and managed by the French Alpine Club of Briançon.

It holds a unique place in the history of French mountaineering and reminds to insiders and passionate climbers, that Pierre Gaspard, achieve the summit of La Meije and its edges in 1877.

A night at the Eagle is synonymous with a powerful and moving experience.


Overtures :

From 15/08/2022 to 14/03/2023.



Au bout de la trace, le refuge de l'Aigle - La Grave - © @AdrienMaffei

05320 La Grave


Phone : 04 76 79 94 74

Phone : 06 40 37 00 38

Crossing of la Meije

Traversée de la Meije - © ©

La Grave

04 76 79 90 21

06 71 37 08 55

Crossing of la Meije

Demanding, long, aerial, the crossing of La Meije is part of the myth and represents THE alpinism run in Oisans.
The first day is devoted climbing to the refuge Promontory by the valley of the Etaçons.

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Alpinist Itinerary : The Eagle Rock (Rocher de l'Aigle)

If you are keen of mountain and want to familiarize yourself with the technical mountaineering and live a unique experience, this is a hike for you ... thrills and panorama beyond reality guaranteed!

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Summer mountaineering over several days with the Bureau des Guides

Rock and snow mountaineering courses over 2 days or more in the Ecrins and Oisans regions.

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