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Glacier hikes with the Mountain Guides Office

These hikes towards the Lauze Pass on the Girose Glacier allow you to discover a spectacular environement on routes without technical difficulties.


The Girose glacier lies at the foot of the top station of the La Grave gondola lift. Together with the Mont de Lans glacier, it forms the biggest ice cap of the French Alps (6 km from east to west). Its ice falls and crevasses are accessible to practically any ability – as long as you are accompanied and roped up. The view extends from the Vercors to the Mont Blanc, from the Vanoise to the Mont Thabor, beautiful peaks as far as the eye reaches, and right next to you the majestic La Meije.

During the day you will learn about the basic techniques for glacier walking.

Every day, depending on the weather conditions. Booking needed.


Overtures :

From 13/06 to 13/09, daily.



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Mountain Guide Office of La Grave

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