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Bred festival in Le Chazelet

BAKING THE ‘PO BULI in Le Chazelet hamlet : A thousand-year tradition at the heart of village life, the Autumn breadbaking brings together local families and their friends for 3 days of kneading, baking and tasting...


A tradition since around 1428!
The scarcity of wood probably explains this custom specific to the canton: the third weekend of November, just before the first snowfall, the community is active for several days.
An intense and important moment, because the inhabitants of the village originally made this bread only once a year and kept it all year round. Fourniers and kneaders were then elected to make this kneaded bread with rye flour and boiling water, hence its name. Firm in mass of 5 kg, it cooks for 7 hours.

Program :
Friday :
9:30 a.m.: big sourdough
11 p.m.: sharing of the dough

Saturday :
11 am: cooking your pizzas, cakes, etc...
12 p.m.: cut the dough and bake
7 p.m.: Aperitif
8 p.m.: Unloading
9 p.m.: neighbors’ meal (friendly meal where everyone brings something to drink and/or eat)

Sunday: sale of black bread piesd


Overtures :

From Friday 12 to Sunday 14 August 2022.



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Four banal

Le Chazelet
05320 La Grave


Phone : 06 95 05 21 33

Phone : 04 76 79 90 05

Four à pain du Chazelet

Four à pain du Chazelet - La Grave - © ©Othv

La Grave

04 76 79 90 05

Four à pain du Chazelet

Like many of the hamlets of the Pays de La Meije, the Chazelet has kept the tradition of 'black bread' by making twice a year 'La fête du pain' in the traditional banal oven of the village.

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