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'Finger of God' training mountaineering with the guide office

The 'Doigt de Dieu ' ( Finger of God) at La Meije Meije is very diverse: ice, rock, abseiling. It prepares to big routes.


Five days training with an optional rest day.

J1: school ice
J2: up to the refuge du Pavé
D3: top easy climbing: Pic Northern Cavales
Day 4: Rest
J5: up to the refuge of the Eagle
J6: Finger of God or Eastern Meije


Overtures :

From 15/06 to 15/09, daily.



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Parking du téléphérique
D 1091
05320 La Grave


Phone : 04 76 79 90 21

Phone : 06 71 37 08 55

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Group climb - Refuge de l'Aigle (3450m) et Tête des Corridors (3734m) ou Meije Orientale (3891m)

It is the highest refuge of Oisans, and its access constitutes already a beautiful outing! In the early morning, it is in front of La Meije that we will witness the sunrise. The final ridge of the Eastern Meije is very spectacular.

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