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Snowshoeing tour in the different hamlets of Villar d'Arène

In the village of Villar d'Arene, on the edge of the Ecrins National Park with the sound of the river Romanche in the background, you will discover an easy trail made for everyone in a protected and spectacular environment under the watchful eye of the local wild life.


This snowshoeing trail is a loop of about 11 Km, it takes you through the different hamlets of Villar d'Arène. Emerge yourself into the local architecture and get to know the ancestral customs. The Meije county is the land of stone constructions. Around here, you will not find many wooden houses as many important fires destroyed them throughout times. While exploring the many alley of the hamlets, you will find old bread ovens, chapels and churches. Take the time to visit them you will not be dissapointed.
Different starts are possible : either from the village square of Villar d'Arene or along the road D 1091 or from Arsine (1 Km from Villar d'Arene)
If you do not have your own equipment, you can easily rent it at the different sport shops at Villar d'Arene, La Grave or Le Chazelet ski resort.
During the first months of winter (December and January) the itinerary is sun-drenched only in the morning.


Overtures :

From 20/12 to 10/04.



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County of La Meije's Nordic Area

At the foot of the Lautaret Mountain pass, under the summits and glaciers, the Pays de la Meije Nordic Area is a magic spot surrounded by majestic and wild beauty. In this haven of peace the groves of trees give shelter to many wild animals.

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