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MTB Mountain Bike School

MTB Mountain Bike school center
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L' encadrement se fait par des moniteurs locaux, titulaires du brevet d'état des activités du cyclisme.

Ils sauront faire les meilleurs choix d'itinéraires, pour s'adapter à votre niveau et votre pratique:
- Sorties familiales,
- Bikers pour les enfants à partir de 5 ans
- Randonnées sportives en montagne,
- Enduro dans les Hautes Alpes et l'Oisans
- Freeride pour les experts!
- Reconnaissances et préparation de l'ultra raid de la Meije


Overtures :

From 01/05 to 30/11.
As soon as the snow melts until Winter come back :).

Canceled or closed because of Covid-19.



Le Serre du Grou
Villar d'Arène
05480 Villar d'Arène


Phone : 07 85 39 85 40

Mountain Bike outings with MTB School

The mountain bike school welcomes you with state qualified instructors in one of the most beautiful spots in the Alps, at the foot of the glaciers and Lautaret pass.
Based at the foot of La Meije mountain, La Grave and Villar d'Arene are small villages downstream of the famous Col du Galibier.

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Mountain Bike Just For Girls with MTB school


Ladies, this course is only for you !!!!!!!!

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Training camp and recognition for the Ultra Raid de la Meije race - MTB école VTT

This course allows you 5 days to prepare and acclimatize yourself to altitudes efforts, we will see more of the technical aspects of mountain biking.

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Reconnaissance pour la course Ultra Raid de La Meije with MTB school

These 2 days reconnaissance of Ultra Raid de la Meije VTT Trail, will delight lovers of beautiful mountain outings
Physical and technical this raid that lasts 2 days is for regular practitioners trained and able to pick from 50 to 70 km per day

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The Endurides of la Grave 5 days enduro with MTB Ecole de VTT

5 days enduro on the Hautes Alpes and Oisans spots. We will find every day, wild descents, our driver will be waiting for us with the shuttle and trailer for us to go back at our departure point.

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The Great Alpine Crossing on mountain bike with MTB Ecole de VTT

Having a mountain bike instructor as a guide you can enjoy stress-free route, for technical advice to progress, management , mountain weather forecast and local informations. Professional help in case of technical or medical glitch.

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Discover La Meije's County on mountain bike with electric assistance with MTB école VTT

What's more fun than offering you a great escape with Electric ATV
No need to pedal like a maniac it rolls by itself ! ; if it's not fantastic ?! Discover our beautiful high mountain landscapes with a sense of summer at the beach

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La Grave - Villar d'Arène MTB area - FFC labelled

Espace VTT-FFC Villar d'Arène - La Grave - © @OriginalLaGrave

La Grave

07 85 39 85 40

04 76 79 98 33

La Grave - Villar d'Arène MTB area - FFC labelled

The biking routes of the FFC labelled mountain bike area of La Grave - Villar d'Arene. Plenty of varied natural trails await you.
For experienced cyclists as well as beginners, families or teams - everyone will find a track to fit his wheels!

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