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Nanook Sleigh Dogs Driving

Danielle and Tom, qualified mushers, will make you discover their pack of 40 dogs. Professionals for 25 years, they will share their passion and live ... THE ADVENTURE FOR ALL!


Sled driving (initiation).
No need to be a great sportsman, but a good physical condition is necessary for the smooth running of the activity, as well as balance and endurance.
Each person will drive his team of 4 dogs.
Before departure, technical explanations will be given. A professional musher will necessarily supervise the hike.
For your greatest pleasure, you will discover hitherto unknown feelings: the complicity with the dogs, beauty of the landscapes, authenticity of the adventure, everything will contribute to make you live moments out of the ordinary, a day that you are not ready to forget!!
One wish: do it again ...

During Summer season we offer:

Sled dogs PARK VISITS / Guided tours for all.
You will discover these out of the ordinary dogs.
The musher will share his passion and introduce you to all breeds, he will tell you about their origins, the operation of the pack, the hierarchy .... as well as the daily life of these people who live in symbiosis with animals and nature. More than a passion, a priesthood, a way of life ... a whole life with their pack.
The highlight of the visit will be direct contact with the pack. where cuddles and photos will be made.

Outings CANI - RANDO (For all, sportsmen or not) A very playful hike.
Equipped with a wide belt and connected to the dog by a lanyard equipped with a shock absorber, you will share moments of complicity. The dog will pull you to help you in your walk. You will establish with him a great complicity.
It will be adapted to your physical condition. For athletes, we can do dog cross-country running. For the walkers, we will hike at a quieter pace ....

KART (For all)
Contemplative walk.
Comfortably seated on a 4-wheeled kart, you will be able to let the musher lead you, enjoy the exceptional landscapes of the Clarée Valley, and admire the work of a team of 10 dogs.


Overtures :

All year round, daily.

Névache Nanook Parc des Chiens Esquimaux
05100 Névache


Phone : 06 18 07 01 82

Nanook Eskimo Dog Park


06 18 07 01 82

Nanook Eskimo Dog Park

The emotion of meeting these unusual dogs, this feeling of freedom, in unique landscapes, will make these moments, an experience that will mark you forever.

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Nanook first time sitting in the sled

First time driving a sleigh
On beasts skins, comfortably seated in the sleigh, drawn by a team of 10 Eskimo dogs, you will be able with family and without effort to realize one of your dreams and to live the great adventure.

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