Explore the Ecrins National Park

The Ecrins National Park offers a combination of high peaks and glaciers and idyllic valleys where you can admire them. This little trek is ideal for a first approach to this protected territory. If you are hiking with your family, you can easily adjust the length of the hikes to the children by doing the Alpe de Villar loop (+ 370 m, 8 km) or going just a little further, depending on your motivation.

1st day:

Arsine (hamlet of Villar d’Arène) 1667 m – Alpe de Villar - Arsine Mountain Pass 2320 m – The Alpe de Villar mountain huts  2077 m by the GR54 trail

Elevation gain: + 653 m, -243 m for the Arsine Mountain Pass and + 790 m, - 380 m for the Arsine Glacier Lakes.

Overnight stay at the Refuge de l'Alpe or the Refuge de Chamoissière.

2nd day :

Alpe de Villar 2077 m – Source of the Romanche River 2143 m or Valfourche 2048 m – Arsine 1667

Elevation gain: + 50 m, - 455 m for Valfourche or + 150 m, - 550 m for the Source of the Romanche River.

  • It is possible to switch the two days
  • It is possible to make shorter walks, by turning back wherever you want in the idyllic vale ledaing towards the Arsine Mountain Pass on the first day and by stopping at the Valfourche Bridge on the second day.

You will find a description of the little loop from Arsine to the mountain huts at the Alpe de Villar  Rando Ecrins.

IGN topographic map: 3436 ET Meije Pelvoux