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Hamlets of La Grave Tour with Le Plein d'Air

We'll go to explore the heritage of the township: church, cemetery and chapel of the Penitents in La Grave, the church entirely made of Tuf stone in LesTerrasses, the oratory of Le...

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Land'Art Hiking with Odile, hiking guide

Walking, touch, look, observe and create in the mountains!
Activity proposed from March to November

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Easy glacier walk with a mountain guide

Take advantage of the clear morning light to go for an easy walk on the vast Girose Glacier ice cap, where the view draws the eyes from the nearby la Meije to the far away Mont Blanc. You...

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Hiking with the Mountain Guides Company of La Grave

Thirty experienced professionals are at your service to help you realize your dreams of mountain activities, from the more contemplative to the most sporting ones,.

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Hiking to the sources of La Romanche river with Le Plein d'Air

This day hike will allow you to enter the central area of the Ecrins National Park.
The contrast is striking between the welcoming Valfourche's alpine fields and the high peaks that...

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Glacier hikes with the Mountain Guides Office

These hikes allow you to discover a spectacular environement on routes without technical difficulties.Go towards the Lauze Pass on the Girose Glacier or the Replat and Clot des Cavales...

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