La Meije and the Alpine universe

A mix of rock and ice, rows of summits as far as the eye can see and the valley far below – discover the alpine universe on vertiginous ridges or on the vast white, blue and grey expanse of the glacier. Here it is not only an alpinist’s privilege. Thanks to the La Grave gondola lift anyone can touch the glacier ice and enjoy the sumptuous view of endless summits that fade away in the distance.

From the top station (Col des Ruillans 3211 m) of the Téléphériques des Glaciers de la Meije there is easy access to the Girose glacier. Start by exploring the ice cave where the tunnels and sculptures are carved anew every year. To take a closer look at the crevasses, book a glacier walk with the Mountain Guides. This requires no technical knowledge and children are admitted from 6 years. To reach a little higher, opt for a glacier hike.

The Alpine is also ridges, cliffs and summits – from first climbs that can be completed in a day to expert climbs.

The Girose Glacier

Even though they have gotten a little slimmer around the waist these last few years, the Girose and Mont de Lans Glaciers together make up the biggest ice cap of the French Alps (6 km from east to west). In comparison with its neighbours the Tabuchet, the Enfetchores, and the Glaciers of La Meije and Le Râteau, the Girose glacier is rather hospitable. Where the others are accessible only to mountaineers and extreme skiers, the Girose flaunts its soft rounded shapes at the foot of the top station of the La Grave gondola lift, with its ice falls and crevasses accessible to any ability – as long as you are accompanied and roped up of course. One never tires of the view: from the Vercors to the Mont Blanc, the Vanoise to the Mont Thabor, beautiful peaks as far as the eye reaches, and right next to us the majestic La Meije.