Transhum'en fête


2nd edition of Transhum'en fête : Saturday the 27th of May 2023


Le Lautaret,
Villar d'Arène 05480


 the 27th of May 2023



Association Courts circuits - Producteurs et artisans locaux


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Come and follow the herd of Hérens cattle of La Ferme du Lautaret for its move to the summer pastures. A day of celebration is organised where traditions remain intact. Outside the entire day, many activities await such as le Combat des Reines, kids activities all day long, lunch and the blessing of the herd


  • 8:30am: meeting at La Ferme du Lautaret for the preparation and adornment of the cows.
  • 9:00am: the herd leave the farm.
  • 10:30am: the herd is blessed and the aperitif is offered at the mountain pasture.
  • 12:00pm: Open-air country meal (on reservation)
  • 2:00pm: Combat des Reines

All day long: children activities.


Adult: 21€

Child (from 6 to 16 years old): 11€

Free for children under 6 years old.

Included in the price : the lunch (bourguignon and ravioles faranchines), with cheese, a dessert and a drink.

The Herens, an ancestral breed of cattle

The Herens is named after the Val d'Hérens region of Switzerland. This breed is used in many different ways.

First, it is well known for its sharp temper and its competitiveness during organised cow fights in order to choose the leader of the herd. Beside the cow fights, the alpine cattle has a gentle mindset and can be quite close with humans. Moreover, the breed is perfect for dairy and cheeses as it's known for its milk. The cows are giving in quantity and the quality is excellent.

Know more about la Ferme du Lautaret

Les combats de Reines en image

Fighting is part of their lifestyle. In the beginning of Spring, they fight in order to establish a real hierarchy in the herd. The one who wins becomes the leader. Once it is official, the fights stop and they all follow the leader. But every time a Herens meet with a cow from another herd, the instinct is stronger and that's where the fights start again. This irresistible impulse is stronger than other breeds, and led to the cow fights tradition.

The Herens cattle of la Ferme du Lautaret will meet with twenty cows or more from the neighbouring region. They will fight with the new comers in order to settle the hierarchy and choose the Queen.