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Parish Church of St Martin de Villar d'Arène

In the center of the village of Villar-d'Arêne stands the Saint Martin of Tours Church, built in 1860 and made of tuff stone


Church of Villar d'Arene
To the Villar d' Arène, several places of worship followed one another. In the past, big fires - in particular that of 1771 - obliged many reconstructions.
On Sunday, November 2, 1771, at the end of the Mass, under a strong wind a fire broke out and devastated 72 houses in less than a quarter of an hour ... Even the church undergoes big devastation in spite of its bell tower covered with lead blades.The whole village was reconstructed after a wooden collection in Monêtier-les-Bains and in the small forest of Villar d'Arene
Reconstructed between 1866 and 1870, it bears the characteristics of Gothic art: gold Tuf du Lautaret, twin bays of the tower, pyramidions steeple into three parts rising above the porch. Its too large proportions unsuitable for the unstable ground, reflect the wealth of the emigrants who financed this construction.
It was inaugurated November 11, 1870, the day of Saint Martin.


Overtures :

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Place du village
Villar d'Arène
05480 Villar d'Arène


Phone : 06 83 03 78 21

Friends of the Saint-Martin church of Villar d'Arene Association

This association aims the restoration of the Church of St. Martin of Villar d'Arene, emblematic building of Villar d'Arene.

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