Ski touring

Imagine untouched snow fields, untracked runs - the harder you work for your turns the more enjoyable they are. Between the Lautaret Pass and the Emparis Plateau there are plenty of touring opportunities, enough to fit all skill levels and all snow conditions, from gently inclined snow-covered mountain plateaus to ski mountaineering on the North facing side of the valley.

Winter touring is not risk free. Take into account the weather and the avalanche risk. Make sure you bring everything you might need in the present conditions. Choose an itinerary that suits your level and your knowledge of the mountains. Don't hesitate to call on a mountain professional to guide you.

Guided tours

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Freeride and touring with Snowlegend

Snowlegend have been guiding ski and snowboard tripsin La Grave since 1993. Our UIAGM mountain guides will take you securely where the conditions are best, on dream runs.

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Ski touring with mountain guides

Touring on skis or snowboard is a unique experience where you access to runs far from the crowds. Single to multiple day tours, easy or difficult, everyone can find a tour suiting his/her...

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Journée ski de randonnée avec l'ESF

Sur les sommets, au grand air de préférence.....
Randonner à travers les paysages grandioses de La Grave. Sans esprit de compétition, sans...

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Splitboard touring with Snowlegend

Go touring just like the skiers with a splitboard, a snowboard that splits in two for uphill climbing. The splitboard means going back to the origins of snowboarding, the very reason why...

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Ski touring routes

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Freerando from La Grave

3200 m of pure pleasure: the top of this cable car takes you into the heart of the mountains, in a unique, natural landscape that is completely untouched, yet within the reach of most...

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Freerando starting from Le Chazelet

From the top of the Emparis ski lift, you have a great view over the whole area to plan your route, take your skins on and off and choose your runs. Bliss! Les Plagnes, to the north of the...

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Freerando starting from Lautaret Pass

The Col du Lautaret is well-known as a paradise for snow-kiters, but this also applies to free-rando skiing! Easy access by road, slopes for all tastes and calf muscles, idyllic scenery and...

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Ski Mountaineering starting from La Grave

La Grave is the largest off-piste skiing area in Europe. And it's only a short step from off-piste skiing to ski-touring… or rather several hundred metres of height gain. The...

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Ski touring from Le Chazelet

Nestled in a valley, the small resort of Le Chazelet combines the pleasure of a cosy, family atmosphere and a high-mountain environment. It's always great to set off on a ski-touring route...

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Ski touring starting from Les Hières

Les Hières, one of the pretty villages suspended above La Grave with an uncompromising view over the sparkling Meije, is a wonderful starting point for the entire Goléon sector. And as a...

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Ski touring from Villar d'Arène

On the southern side, there aren't so many options, but it is so beautiful! The charm of the village and the excellent local produce awaits your return, exhausted but happy! Villar d'Arène...

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Ski touring from Villar d'Arène (pont d'Arsine)

A valley end with a myriad of possibilities. Arsine is the endless promise of a host of incredible routes, immense possibilities depending on your taste, mood and the snow. Add to this the...

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High Route : le Tour de la Meije

The Meije… Here, she's called Queen Meije. Her sharp edges soaring up to the skies, her tapered shape, history and late, dogged conquest, all enhance her insolent beauty.

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Écrins high route

The Ecrins High Route will take you into a marvellous, snow-filled world that will haunt you for ages. Crossing the Ecrins mountain range takes you close to 4000 m peaks and over passes,...

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Ski touring holidays

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Xperience Ski touring initiation WE

We'll offer you over this weekend, to discover in the company of a Mountain Guide, the joy and freedom feeling of freeride.
The La Grave village welcomes you with its simple but warm...

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Xperience Ski Touring 3 days to discover the Cerces massif

Three days of ski touring in the mountains of Les Cerces to discover the joys of the ski touring !! The Cerces is an Alps massif on the French-Italian border. On the French side, it...

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XPerience Ski around La Meije

We offer you during this weekend to discover in the company of a Mountain Guide the jewel of our massif : the path around La Meije! Two days of ski mountaineering will allow us to approach...

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XPerience Freeride and Ski Touring

We offer you over the three days to discover in the company of a Mountain Guide, the joy and great feeling of freeriding. Introduction to ski or snowboard touring in search of the best...

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Découverte du ski de rando à La Grave

Six jours pour découvrir le ski de rando entre frontière franco-italienne et mythique pays de la Meije. Un séjour tout compris dans le massif des Ecrins. Avec guide de haute montagne. ...

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Tour de la Meije en skis de randonnée

Trois jours pour effectuer le tour de la Meije à ski de randonnée, c’ est un des plus beaux raid qui puisse se faire... Un séjour tout compris avec guide de haute montagne.

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Raid à ski dans les Ecrins - Traversée et ascension du Dôme

Six jours en itinérance dans le Parc des Ecrins, un magnifique voyage entre ciel et terre. Un séjour tout compris avec guide de haute montagne.

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