The Nordic Area

At the threshold of the Ecrins National Park, the cross country tracks blend perfectly into the landscape.


You will ski along the Romanche River that weaves between rocks and ice sculptures, under the hills where the chamois are looking for the last few straws, memories of a summer long gone. Here the wild animals are at home. The tracks of hares, foxes, ermines and deer go to and fro under the trees. The old mill bears witness to a past where the work on the land left little time for leisure. To round it all off you will pass through the quiet hamlet of Arsine before heading back to Villar d’Arène over hibernating fields - sliding softly or skating swiftly.

At the Nordic Area of Villar d'Arène – Arsine you have the choice between several Nordic disciplines: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, walking, sledging and ice-skating.

Against a backdrop of high mountains

This unspoiled gem is set between snow-covered peaks and the calm and quiet of the winter woods. You are hereby cordially invited to attend a no stress morning on one-to-one with Alpine scenery.

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County of La Meije's Nordic Area

At the gates of the Ecrins National Park , in a beautiful setting at the foot of glaciers and under the watchful eye of wild animals, visit our wonderful Nordic Area.

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