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The Source of the Romanche River

You will walk along the Romanche River all the way to its source. The path takes you through an idyllic valley at the foot of the high mountains of the Ecrins National Park. A gentle stroll in a high mountain setting!


Start off on the GR 54 trail that climbs a steep hillside offering beautiful views of the valley.
At the junction, take to the right towards the Adèle Planchard Refuge.
The path leads to the Plan de l'Alpe, a gently inclined valley where walking is easy and the views fabolous.
At the Valfourche Bridge, where the valley splits in two, take to the right towards the Adèle Planchard Refuge.
Continue up to the Source of the Romanche River at 2143 m.
Go back the same way.

YOU ARE HIKING IN THE CENTRAL AREA OF THE ECRINS NATIONAL PARK. The Ecrins Massif is an exceptional environment with a rare natural, cultural and landscape heritage. To protect these riches, painted flags (blue – white – red) mark the central area where specific rules apply. Please follow the rules and regulations indicated by the icons on the information board.


Overtures :

From 01/06 to 31/10.



Lac Pers La Romanche - © J. Selberg

Suivre les panneaux de route indiquant le Domaine Nordique pour accéder au départ. Se garer au Pont d'Arsine ou au fond de la Gravière. La piste pastorale entre le pont d'Arsine et la Gravière est caillouteuse et non entretenue. Elle ne convient pas à toute type de voiture.


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