The most beautiful natural sites

The upper Romanche Valley stretches out at the foot of one of the most beautiful summits of the Ecrins, La Meije. The north facing side of the valley is rugged and wild with glaciers and summits of close to 4000 m (13120 feet). On the sunny side, green terraced fields, charming hamlets, alpine lakes and meadows brimful of alpine flowers dominate the picture. Everywhere, there are lovely spots where you can enjoy the contrast between Alpine pastures and rugged peaks. Below we have listed some of the most beautiful natural sites around La Grave and Villar d’Arène.

Girose Glacier

The glacier unveils as soon as you leave the top station of the La Grave Cable Car. To admire the glacier up close you can go on a glacier walk with the La Grave Guides and visit the ice cave.

See the glacier

Emparis Plateau

The softly curved grassy Emparis plateau forms a stunning contrast to the wild and spectacular frozen realm of the north faces. The blue mirror of the Noir and Lérié Lakes reflect the splendor of the Meije massif.

Goléon Lake

In a hanging valley above the picturesque village of Valfroide lies the scenic Goleon Lake. At the lake, la Meije attracts all the attention while the Goleon peak reigns at the back of the valley.

Aiguillon – Pontet Lake

Behind the green Aiguillon ridge, mellow meadows stretch towards the Ponet Lake and the Lautaret pass with the twin peaks of the Agneaux in the distance and a wonderful view of the valley.

Alpe de Villar d’Arène

In the alpine pastures of Villar d’Arène, at the threshold of the Ecrins National Park, the summits are all around but the green grass, the marmots and the mountain huts make it easy to relax.

Arsine Lakes

In the Arsine Cirque, the high peaks are mirrored in the glacier lakes made by the retreat and melt-off of the Arsine Glacier.

Pavé Lake

Higher up, the Ecrins National Park have a number of gems in store. This emerald-coloured high altitude lake also owes its origin to a retreating glacier.

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 - © ©CMielle

Le lac du Pontet

Les cours, Villar-d'Arêne

Le lac du Pontet

Beautiful lake above the hamlet of Les Cours, near Villar d'Arêne.
the walk starting from Les Cours hamlet, across the fields by the small road, is very beautiful and you may be able to…

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Puy Vachier Lake

Puy Vachier Lake is at the bottom of a valley surrounded by rocky bar in a rather mineral world, close to the second intermediate of the cable car station; about 1 hour walk.
There is a…

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Natura 2000 - Haute Romanche - La Grave - © @Agnes Vivat pour Natura 2000

Natura 2000 - Haute Romanche

Mairie de la Grave, La Grave

Natura 2000 - Haute Romanche

The world's largest network of biodiversity conservation.
Natura 2000 is born from the desire to maintain this biodiversity while taking into account, social, economic, cultural and…

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Le lac du Goléon et la Meije - La Grave - © M. Pomard

Goléon lake

Lac du Goléon_Depart du Hameau des Hières, La Grave

Goléon lake

From the Goleon Lake, you'll have breathtaking views of the surrounding glaciers and of the peaks of La Meije, Aiguilles d'Arves and Aiguilles de la Saussaz.

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Le Plateau d'Emparis - La Grave - © Eric Beallet

Emparis plateau lakes

Depart du Chazelet, La Grave

Emparis plateau lakes

Lerie lake and Black lake, nestled on the plateau from Emparis are just magnificent viewpoints to the edges of the North face from La Meije and 'Le Rateau' pic 3809 m, 2 famous peaks of the…

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Lautaret pass - Natural Reserve of Combeynot

The Lautaret pass is the crossing point between the Romanche Valley and the Guisane Valley. It is also one of the lowest points on the ridge line separating the Northern Alps and the…

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Ecrins National Park

Covering an area of 91,800 hectares in the central zone, the Ecrins National Park, straddling the Isère and Hautes-Alpes department, covers a mountainous surface ranging from 800 to 4,102…

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La Meije - © © J. Selberg

La Meije

La Meije, La Grave

La Meije

La Meije is a mountain in the Massif des Écrins, located at the border of Hautes-Alpes and Isère départements. It overlooks the nearby village of La Grave,a mountaineering centre and ski…

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The majestic peak of la Meije can be admired almost everywhere. The hikes and walks in the south-facing alpine meadows offer an infinite number of scenic spots. Certain viewpoints are also accessible by bike or by car.

Col des Portes

The highest point on the road to the hamlets of La Grave is one the most beautiful viewpoints of the valley. The ancient oratory makes at an even more charming place. There is also a suspended viewing platform where the bravest can admire the panorama with the whole valley below their feet. You can reach the Col de Portes by bike or by car, but you can also go there on foot through the fields above La Grave.

Walk around the hamlets of La Grave


Col du Lautaret

At the Lautaret Mountain Pass the whole ridge of la Meije unveils.

Discover the Lautaret Pass


The mid-station of the Téléphérique des Glaciers de la Meije

In the meadows in front of the mid-station of the La Grave Cable Car there’s a stunning view of La Meije. It’s also a perfect place to observe how the glaciers have modelled the landscape.

The La Grave Cable Car