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Association 82-4000 Solidaires - Rencontre de la Montagne Partagée Solidaires

A day of solidarity you should not miss.


The Rencontre de la Montagne Partagée will take place at La Grave on Saturday, September 9, 2023, for a day dedicated to solidarity rope access. Far from the elitist and inaccessible image of the mountains, this unprecedented meeting will enable us to forge links with people who are culturally or socially distant from the mountain environment. For the mountain is a bridge that connects far more than it separates.

'When we're roped together, we're all one'.
Wilème, ATD Fourth World Tours

This meeting will be co-organized by 82-4000 Solidaires, CAF Jeunes en Montagne, En Passant Par La Montagne and Mountain Riders, four associations working for social inclusion or ecology in the mountains.

Over the course of the day, we'll be delighted to welcome mountain lovers, guides and mountaineers, participants in the activities of the organizing associations, mountain specialists, intellectuals, committed personalities and business leaders who share our values and support our solidarity initiatives.

According to the association, the objective is simple! The high mountains are a natural space shared by all humanity: they are for everyone! We want those who don't have a bank account and who aren't athletes to be able to discover it.

'When shared with others, with the poorest of the poor, the mountain experience is a source of positive energy for the planet and society as a whole. The beauty of the mountains awakens us to care for the environment. The rope that binds climbers together gives us the energy to commit ourselves to building a united, just and supportive humanity.'

On the program:

Discovering the high mountains, particularly the Girose glacier. Sharing roped-up time with people from different social backgrounds.

Artistic and sporting workshops, film screenings and testimonials from people living in very poor social and economic situations, who discovered the mountains with 82-4000 Solidaires.

A plenary session in 'forum theater' format, with contributions from mountaineers and celebrities.


Overtures :

Saturday 7 September 2024.



Welcome supplement :

Personal mountain equipment to bring: crampon shoes, sunglasses, gloves, warm clothing + If possible: crampons, harness, helmet.

Rencontre de la Montagne Partagée - © ©82-4000 Solidaires

Les Téléphériques des Glaciers de la Meije

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